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Best Website Builder Platforms – Best Way to Build a Website 2023

Best Website Builder Platforms

The top website builders don’t need you to pay on the high end. Most of the top website builders for sale allow users to design and build websites independently without shelling out thousands of dollars for an agency for web design. They additionally make creating a website more straightforward with drag-and-drop editors at less than the cost of hiring an outside company to build it.

With the top cheap website builders, you will be able to make a stunning website worthy of your business and brand without spending a fortune. Most of the time, the most influential builders are employed to design websites for big companies, but they also offer cheaper plans for budget-conscious small businesses.


Website builders are a simple, inexpensive way to build websites. As with all things in life, you’ll never wish to sacrifice quality for cost.  That’s why we’ve compiled our list of affordable ways to build a website using intuitive website builders that are the cheapest and most affordable to provide you with the best value for your budget. 

You will need to look at each side-by-side in our best affordable way to build a website and then go through the list to determine the most suitable option for you.

Better yet, there’s no reason to think that launching your website shouldn’t cost you more. It is possible to, of course, request someone else to create your website; however, our suggestions below are a few of the most affordable website builders that could be a better choice for you.

So, here in this post, we will dive you into the best way to build a website with the most efficient website builders and offers robust features like WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) in real-time.

Let’s get started before the clock ticks out! Best Website Builder Platforms


The first and foremost in our list is the most used website platform globally, WordPress, without any unwavering doubt. According to estimates, approximately 35% of websites use this incredible CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. This stat is mainly due to the free, open-source version, However, it’s not free since you’ll have to host your site somewhere. That’s why we’re here to talk about that makes everything simpler: web hosting and domain names in the initial year are all included, as you’ll discover, at the lowest cost. There are number of free and paid WordPress themes for blogs are available. 

It is beginning at $4/month on the plan Personal. It comes with good storage for websites as well as a plethora of web pages! The only issue is the footer ads: “Powered by” is shown. However, you can alter it to make sure it states “” or display the WP logo, which is small. Take a look at an example (at the bottom). Also, you’ll be able to access more than 100 templates for free and personal assistance.

The problem is that they don’t provide monthly plans. At, you must pay in advance for a minimum of a yearly plan. 


Personal: $4 per Month

Premium: $8 per Month

Business: $25 per Month

eCommerce: $45 per month


It is easy to use and comes with many high-quality templates that automatically adapt to various devices — for instance, smartphones and tablets. The one thing that is much more eye-catchy about Weebly is that it is highly flexible and offers numerous useful features for bloggers like tags categories and post scheduling.

With Weebly, you can personalize your web page’s appearance by selecting the theme you want to use and then tweaking the theme further by using the drag-and-drop editor. If you’re proficient in HTML or CSS knowledge, you can use The Weebly editors to edit your site.

Weebly offers 40+ themes for free to select from their collection.

The benefit of it is that Weebly also offers plans that allow you to pay Month by Month. In exchange, they will charge a small cost, but it’s at the very least possible – most other web builders don’t provide this option.


Personal: $6 per Month

Professional: $12 per Month

Performance: $26 per Month


A website builder that isn’t expensive can combine the aesthetics and convenience of Wix. The system is so flexible that it allows you to move elements in any way you’d like. Additionally, it offers helpful tools for freelancers and companies that will simplify your daily routine (e.g. Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurants, Wix Restaurants, or Wix Bookings). However, one drawback is that you must begin all over if you need to modify templates. 

Although not as user-friendly as Weebly (which is most likely the most user-friendly of all the alternatives), Wix has a variety of modern, beautiful templates that you can pick from. You can certainly build an appealing, professional site using Wix. With drag-and-drop features making adding content easy, you can put your information anywhere on your website.


Wix Combo for Personal Use Plan starts at $14 / Month.


Shopify is among the top e-commerce platforms in the marketplace. It’s similar to WordPress because it’s an open-source platform that lets developers create themes and apps. Shopify’s primary function is e-commerce.

It lets users add prices, products and also sell them through the store. The store builder can create an attractive, simple to develop e-commerce store. The themes that it uses determine the design and layout of the store. Shopify utilizes applications to provide additional functions for managing e-commerce stores or to market your products.

The Shopify online store also comes with integrated blog features.


Basic: $26 a month

Shopify: $71 a month

Advanced: $266 a month


Like any other famous website builder, HostCano offers a website builder facility that lets you build a one of its kind fantastic website that stands out.

Back and forth, with no design or coding skills developing a website with the help of HostCano WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) intuitive website builder, you can build a site that raises bars.

It indicates how important having a professional site is, especially in the beginning stages of expanding your website without any coding skills. 

Hence, HostCano will help you build an excellent professional website even if you are a non-tech savvy person.


Just explore the HostCano pricing section to know its affordable pricing. 

Final Thoughts

As we saw above, a bucketful of website builders discussed in this article will ultimately help you build an affordable and low-cost website on your own. But, for a better solution, you can always seek help from a professional to bring your site to the next level. 

We hope this article has helped you get valuable insights about affordably building a website. If you like this post, do share it with your friends and colleagues on social networks


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