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5 Step Process to Purchase a Hosting in HostCano – Free Guide

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While this is a relatively simple process, if this is your first purchase of hosting or a domain name, the sheer amount of hosting providers and hosting plans, as well as the terms used to describe hosting, maybe a bit overwhelming.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the location where all the websites’ files are stored. It’s like your home, where it is located in the region.

Hence, if the name is an address for your home, Web hosting is the house that the address refers to. Every website on the internet requires web hosting.

If someone types in your name in a browser, your name is translated to the address IP of your website hosting provider’s server. The computer houses your website’s files and sends these files back to browsers of users.

Unlike any other hosting provider, HostCano offers web hosting and WordPress hosting plans at a pretty affordable price, also HostCano’s shared hosting plans outperform others. 

However, if you select the shared hosting plan that includes a discount, you can avail of extra discounts, which we noticed when we compared the plans.

Further, you will need to know the different hosting plans the HostCano offers and how to easily purchase the most reliable hosting plan that suits best for your business. 

Yes, in this article, we will dive you into a complete step-by-step guide to let you know precisely how to purchase Hosting in HostCano.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

5 steps to  Purchase a Hosting in HostCano

Here below There is 5 steps that totally helps you to purchase a hosting in hostcano.

Step 1: Browse and Navigate to the HostCano Official website

HostCano is one of the best web hosting providers that offer best of breed hosting solutions. Ultimately, HostCano can be labelled as a one-stop solution for every web hosting need and provides dedicated support.

Step 2: Choosing the Shared Hosting option.

If you’re creating your website using WordPress CMS, it is advisable to pick WordPress hosting options. However, when you look in-depth at comparing shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans with HostCano, you will most probably notice shared hosting as less expensive than the WordPress hosting plans.

It is better to choose shared hosting plans and receive the most discounts. We can make all the adjustments manually to boost the performance of our site even without the benefit of a WordPress Optimized Hosting plan.

Better yet, you will be amazed to know that HostCano offers pretty awesome shared hosting plans that best suit your choice and hosting needs.

Nonetheless, to simplify it in brief, the HostCano Shared hosting offers a complete package with 99.99% uptime assurance.

Step 3: Pick the Best HostCano Plan

The HostCano Shared Hosting is well-known for its features-rich, cheap web hosting rates. There are four plans. The Professional plan is the most popular HostCano plan since it has more resources, unlimited websites, bandwidth, and many more eye-catchy features. 

In the contrast, you can compare from the four shared hosting plans to determine what HostCano Shared hosting plan is best for you.

Step 4: Pick the duration Of Hosting and Save Money

It is how to receive the most discount on hosting plans. For instance, if you wish to purchase a HostCano web hosting Cpanel plan for a month, the cost is affordable. But, if you are buying it for a one-year, you will be able to save with highly discounted rates and the best affordable pricing. 

However, if you purchase for 48 months or four years, you can avail of the maximum discount with more bucks to save from your wallet.

For example, you went to choose the HostCano Cpanel shared hosting plan. From there, you found the HostCano Business Plan as the best-fitted plan for you to go.

So, you get to decide to choose the billing cycle as you want to. If you’re going to choose a one-month billing cycle, you can very well select a one-month billing cycle for your selected Cpanel Shared hosting business plan. 

Whereas, if you choose annually, biennially, or triennially, you will find that the triennially billing cycle is the most affordable and the most suited plan that will almost allow you to save more than 40% of the Money in the monthly billing cycle.

Step 5: Signing Up with HostCano Account & Setting Payment Option

Well, to say it to the best, after choosing your favourite hosting plan selection, you will be required to opt for the check out option in HostCano itself.

After you successfully choose your required hosting plan, you will be able to select a domain option from where you can easily register with the domain name you are looking for by clicking the check button.

Once the domain is available for registration, you can continue further with the payment option.

Further, you can quickly fill up the details put in your personal information to set up your HostCano account. You can also sign up for an HostCano account using Facebook, Google Account, and even HostCano offers the Twitter sign-up option.

Then, finally, you can fill up your billing address. 

Pro Payment Options in HostCano – Well, HostCano even offers Payment options like PayPal, PayUMoney, UPI/NetBanking, and the Debit/Credit Card payment options.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we have got to discuss in this article! We hope this post has eventually driven you with easy steps for purchasing the best hosting in HostCano. 

If you like this post, then do share it on social networks so that more and more people can find it helpful and get a clear understanding about purchasing the best suitable hosting plan in HostCano.


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