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7 Of The Ultimate List of WordPress Themes for Blogs

the Ultimate List of WordPress Themes for Blogs

Are you searching for the most popular cheap WordPress theme for your blog? To make it simpler for you to find through the thousands of themes on, We’ve put together eleven of our most-loved blogs that are free to use on WordPress, including pictures of both the desktop and mobile demo websites.

We’ve created this collection of blog themes for personal blogs that are suitable for everyone.

List of Most Popular WordPress Themes for Blogs

In this article, we’ll look at seven of the top available WordPress blogging themes. We’ll also be discussing their primary characteristics and tips on why you might consider using each to create your next blog. Let’s go!

In this post, we’ve selected the top themes for free WordPress blog themes you can put for your website.

1. OceanWP


One of the best themes to consider for your next blog is OceanWP. It’s not just clean and simple to use; it also has an open-source codebase ready for customizing. Let’s review the features it has:

An extensive extension library ensures you can improve the theme’s capabilities without writing any code.

Allows you to edit settings on mobile and tablet devices.

Compatible with well-known page builders (such as Elementor or Beaver Builder)

Because of its simplicity from the beginning and the potential for customizing, OceanWP could be the best WordPress theme to use for blogging. There’s also no premium version available, which means all the features are available to you. However, some extensions come with a price, and there’s no requirement to use these extensions if your budget is manageable.

2. Olsen


If you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger seeking a way to keep all your content in a straightforward layout with crisp fonts, Olsen is the right option.

It’s a little work to create a highly professional blog. You’re likely to avoid making a splash by creating something nobody has before. The strength of Olsen’s blog is its familiarity. Your readers will be immediately at ease with your layout, being able to navigate it and being able to share your content.

Offering a smooth and relaxing browsing experience, Olsen can be the ideal theme for those who want their pictures to stand out from their content. Make a story more than words.

Olsen can be completely customized and is the ideal place to showcase your best work.

This theme has two distinctive features: the Featured Content slider and the Instagram footer widget. Both are excellent for sharing your work with your readers.

The slider for Featured Content differs from the typical Add-on for Featured Content. This feature lets you select up to six posts or images and display them at the top of your website. The user can navigate the slider by clicking the right, left, or right arrow.

This Instagram footer widget on Instagram is distinctive and isn’t available anywhere else in this list. This widget is perfect for a lifestyle or fashion blogger who wants to show their images. The widget is displayed on the right side of your blog and shows the latest Instagram photos in a single row.

The drawback is for those who wish to utilize the Instagram feature at no cost. However, you’ll have to pay for the theme or purchase a plan. However, the trade-off is worth it.

3. Newspaper


Some individuals require a simple blog that displays their portfolio. Other people require an application that can provide fresh content to their users every day and whether they’re breaking news about their company or community.

It is an experience on a blog where users arrive to discover the latest material every day. If you’re a person like this, Newspaper will likely be the WordPress theme for your blog.

It’s the top trending news topic ever, and with good reason. You can use any media or social media integration-it’s going to look professional.

Professionals and beginners will appreciate the ease of utilization. If you’re looking to get started in a matter of minutes or create a trendy design, you’ll find this newspaper theme very flexible.

Add sound, images that move, and other options to engage your users within just one or two clicks. And ensure that no modifications you make will slow down your website.

It is the case even when readers are on their mobile. The Newspaper is fully connected to its Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin.

Instead of a sluggish, unorganized experience-which, which you may experience using a different news-style WordPress theme- your readers can enjoy your content. Because mobile users generate so much traffic, This is a big deal.

All of this won’t require any programming skills, which means everyone can benefit from this theme. It doesn’t require a graphic design degree to modify images. With Newspaper, it’s easy to design eye-catching, on-brand images that tell your narrative.

It means you’ll need fewer steps to ensure that your logos, content headers, footers, and logos are all in sync to create a positive experience for your visitors to your blog. Your time savings can add up quickly if you’re constantly making changes.

With Newspaper, you can eliminate hours of your daily workflow and allow your staff to work on projects.

Despite being able to do so much, management remains relatively simple. Learn how to manage your blog quickly and take advantage of the many features that come with the Newspaper, such as 100+ prebuilt websites, unlimited sidebars, 1K plus premade templates, and pages and posts.

4. Akea


Akea is a WordPress theme by GoodLayers, a company that helps bloggers follow “less is more” and the “less can be more” principles.

The company has launched several of the most minimalist blog designs over the years. It is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid overloading their readers with information or stimulation and are looking for readers with similar preferences.

You have complete control over how to display your content. Change the spacing between the items on your site. Change the dimensions of the thumbnails that you choose to use to promote your blog. Make a single image able to fit any screen size using the fluid layout that is 100 percent fluid.

Modify it until you have the right. With Akea, there aren’t hundreds of templates to choose from, but you don’t need to fit everything into a mold that has been made. Instead, you’ll be able to choose only a small number of blog layouts. Each template is an individual open field.

Upload your font. Include any quote, video, or gallery into a slider. Create a striking impression with the correct elements of content arranged your way.

If you’re looking to pack the most content per square inch onto your website, there might be a better blog for you.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add sidebars and menus. You can also offer your visitors a variety of choices. With Akea it’s easy to accomplish. The focus is on the minimalist style, which means that all elements are clean and discreet.

There is an interactive navigation bar floating to ensure that your viewers have access to the latest content and you’re not overloaded at any time.

That’s the ethos behind Akea, including a little feature that allows you to create your own. A few of the features include:

Although you’ll find a few templates, compared to the other choices, There’s plenty you can do with each.

5. Cenote


Cenote The Cenote theme is an elegant theme with three blog template variations. Alongside the sleek style and customization options, the Cenote theme loads quickly and is optimized for search engines. The most important features are:

  • The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce. You can market products or services on your blog.
  • It works with the most popular page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and SiteOrigin.
  • It allows a one-click import of demos.

Cenote includes a library of nine demos that are ready-made to blog (three of them are for free). The demos are designed to meet various needs like technology, fashion, health, charity, or even interior. Consider testing this theme if you’re seeking flexibility in design and variety. Its ability to modify it using your preferred page builder is an advantage.

6. Pearl


Pearl is a highly customizable and feature-rich WordPress theme with plenty of options to fit any business.

I suggest this to anyone with a blog that is an element of a more prominent site. It may be a viable alternative if you’re reaching the limits of the present WordPress theme. If there are features and functions that you need help grasping, Pearl will help you to get there.

With Pearl, there are no compromises – you’re creating a tailored blog to meet your business’s requirements and goals. Pearl has an incredible selection of demonstrations covering nearly every sector, including beauty, agency and e-commerce, law, music software, and many more.

Each demo was designed to provide various features and layouts to help businesses meet their challenges.

This Pearl Viral demo illustrates your content based on the level of engagement they receive and includes professional category tags that aid readers in finding what they are looking for.

The real power of the blog’s layout and style is evident if you are in the entertainment industry. The same applies to all the other industries in which Pearl has a presence.

Your blog will also be fully integrated with other parts of your website, which is essential when blogging is an integral part of your marketing efforts. People can interact with posts, respond to and share the post on social media or be more involved with your website and your company’s offerings.

You can include more than 55 shortcodes (UI blocks) in your posts. It can include things like a music player call to action, calendars of events, icons boxes galleries, pricing tables and many more.

It is a huge benefit for business users who require various ways to engage with their customers. Other standout options include:

7. Neve


The first thing to mention is that our Neve is a light starting theme that allows you to build virtually any website. It’s fast and responsive, and tailoring it to your needs is extremely simple. Its most significant attributes include the following:

It’s light and looks fantastic on mobile devices.

The theme’s structure and code are optimized for search engines.

You can view real-time changes while editing.

It also works with a wide range of top web builders, so you don’t need to know coding skills to be an obstacle to creating the ideal website. Furthermore, the one-click demonstration layouts allow you to start up quickly.

If you’re looking to create your WordPress blog according to your precise requirements, then Neve is the perfect blog theme that is free for you. But if you’re searching for more features, including customized designs, high-quality starter websites and prioritized service.

Final Thoughts

When creating your site, you can choose numerous WordPress blog themes. Some of the most popular are easy to use, mobile-friendly and customizable. If you pick a suitable theme, you’ll be able to get your blog running within minutes.

Of course, the one you pick will be based on your personal preferences and the type of blog you’re writing.


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