Hostcano Affiliate Program

Refer consumers to Hostcano to earn money. We have a multi-tier affiliate network with no cost to join and bonuses based on your performance to help you earn the most money!

HostCano Affiliate Program

Earn extra bucks with a great commission by partnering with our affiliate program and our top-notch quality hosting services trusted by the plethora of our valuable customers. Join the HostCano affiliate program for free, refer to the people in your network, community, and friends to earn a bonus and gain higher income.

Earn Upto 40% Commsion After Qualifying Sales

A multi-tier affiliate network that rewards you for every sale you make with increasing commissions.

Commission Slabs
For every 1 – 5 Sales
10% Commission / Month
For every 6 – 15 Sales
15% Commission / Month
For every 16 – 25 Sales
20% Commission / Month
For every 26 – 35 Sales
30% Commission / Month
For 35+ Sales
35% Commission / Month

Earning Commission is just a step away.

With the HostCano Affiliate program, you can earn Commission by referring to the affiliate link on your social media post, videos, site, or through the blog post .you can even provide an affiliate link to your contacts via emails or in conversation.

HostCano Affiliate Program

Boost your Revenue By joining HostCano Affiliate Program


Ready to Use Handy Tools

HostCano offers affiliate links for each of our hosting plans and leaves no stone unturned for you to enhance your campaign

Our Affiliate Program Reward Hierarchy

Our Affiliate program is designed to let you earn more money when you put more effort into increasing the sale at every level.

An Intuitive WYSIWYG Dashboard

With a great WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) dashboard, you get the option of detailed tracking regarding the clicks, sales, Revenue, and more for your campaign improvement.

Purchase Hosting Plan after a Long Time

If a customer purchase the HostCano plans by clicking your referral link after months, quarters, or any time, you will still be eligible to get credit.

Get a Sign-up Bonus Reward

When you sign up, you will receive an initial reward point with a nominal amount bonus when you first join our affiliate program. The amount is transferred at the time of your first commission payout duration.

User-friendly Dashboard

HostCano affiliate program facilitates you with an entirely web-based affiliate panel that allows you to track your created campaigns and get track upon your affiliate earnings right up there, everything in one place.

Comprehensive Promotional Features

It offers you plenty of advanced promotional features to help you put your advertising efforts to their best.

Responsive Affiliate Support Team

We have a highly skilled professional team who will assist you in growing the affiliate program to bring it to the next level.

Legit reason Why You Should recommend HostCano?

With the rapid increase of our affiliate partners and paying them with the higher commission rates, we at HostCano have left no stone unturned for our trusted affiliate partners.

We have rapidly enhanced our brand reputation and value worldwide. At the same time, we have focused on our quality service, high performance, and highly skilled professional team support 24/7. We are having recognized as a stop solution and the best value package on each hosting platform.


HostCano affiliate program is designed in such a way that you have the option to send your affiliate link on your social media channels, site or even advertise HostCano services on your blog. Whenever any of your visitors sign up for our services, you will be eligible to earn a commission.

Joining the HostCano affiliate program is free, where all you got to do is sign up for our affiliate program for free and join it.

You can request a payout every month considering the HostCano affiliate terms of services when you have a pre-approved commission of our affiliate program.

Your affiliate earning capability entirely depends upon the amount of effort you put in to convert sales and dive into HostCano clients. The more customers you drive to HostCano, the more Commission earning you can bring to the table.

Whether it is about the season sale promotion coupon or a discount coupon, you can share our coupon code along with your affiliate link and earn the Commission at the time your referrals use that coupon code.

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