Terms and Conditions of HostCano Services

The mentioned terms and conditions of HostCano are an agreement that is agreed between “you” or “your” and “We” or “Us” or “our” i.e. (HostCano). These terms and conditions of your use of the products and services offered by us on the HostCano website are thoroughly agreed upon by you while considering our products and services. Therefore, HostCano entirely reserves rights to modify, change, and update any of this document, as and when needed from our end.

Site Usage

We warmly welcome you to hostcano.com (“HostCano” OR “Website”). This site is owned by the address specified under the contact section of the site. Without any regard of your means of this site access, access of our Site from Android mobile phone or iOS phone or any computer devices, these Terms usage governs Site usage from you and your conduct.

Your use of this Site is only for the sole purpose of your information and non-commercial use and hence it is used for the same. This site feature and services usage is governed by these Terms & Conditions (“Terms Of Use” hereinafter) which also applies for the Cancellation Policy, Refund and Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, (all together “Policies”) as updated, amended and modified periodically.

Your use of this Site confirms your acknowledgment, with no regards to qualification and limitation, as to be bounded by these Terms of Use and the Policies as well, if you have read the same or haven’t. Using this Site for BROWSING OR ACCESSING OR OTHERWISE CLEARLY CONFIRMS THAT YOU AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN THIS AGREEMENT, WE REQUEST YOU TO PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PROCEED TO THIS SITE. Else if you are not agreeing upon any of the Terms of Use OR the Policies, please do not continue to use the Site. You are completely responsible for having assured that your access to the material and access to this Site on or through are legal in or through of your view or access to this site or such material and also legal in each jurisdiction.

HostCano.com completely reserves the right to make any amendments to the particulars within the Site in the Policies Or in the Terms of Use periodically and possibly at any time with no notice to the sole discretion of the users of hostcano.com will post the latest version of the Policies on this Site Usage and the Terms of Use by updating the date shown above if hostcano.com decides to change anytime. The Privacy Policies and the Terms of Use modifications or change will be effective as an immediate effect from the upload date of such Policies OR the Terms of Use on the Site. As following the change, amendments, and modifications to the Policies and Terms of Use, your continuation to this site usage defines that you accept and agree to the Policies and Terms of Use modifications, whether you have read them or not read the same. So, we insist that you should gradually read the Policies or any other applicable policies, Guidelines, Terms of Use, and rules which include their dates that validate your use of this Site by understanding the terms and conditions.   


Safeguarding your personal information is what we understand and for that we have created a Privacy Policy, making sure that your personal information is secured well. Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use may also rule your Site visit and your usage of this Site. You agree upon the use of your personal information by hostcano.com as per the purposes and terms applied and outlined in the Privacy policy which may be subject to the modification periodically at the sole circumspection of hostcano.com. Continuing the use of this Site, you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of this Site. 


This Site usage by any minor (Under 18 Years) is considered as accessing our Site under the supervision of their guardians. This Site holds you as a key responsible person for maintaining confidential information of your account details, restricting access to your computer, password, and hence you accept all the activities that occur under your account and password. Hereby, you also acknowledge that the kind of information you put, in any case whatsoever does not infringe any third party rights in any nature, and is not of any proprietary or confidential.

Your access to this Site or browsing on behalf of another person thereby consents that you have the rights and authority to bind that person to all the terms and conditions. If that person refuses to be bound to the Terms of Use, then you do agree to accept the liabilities for any harm caused by the wrong use of the Site which may lead to such access use of Site in any such case.

In case you have any such belief that your security and your account has been breached, then immediately you should contact us at our given Contact Information as mentioned below. In such a case, you would be required to change your password, temporarily or permanently suspend or block your account without any liability of hostcano.com.

Following our Privacy Policy, you shall maintain the information provided to us. If any of these terms are violated then hostcano.com would decide in our sole discretion in our best interest to do so; as we reserve the complete rights to terminate accounts, or/and not providing any service without any prior notice. Any of the content you put on, upload, email, post, or make via the Site will be solely your responsibility.

Products and Services Recommendation

At the time of your use of this Site, any recommendation, or promotional content made to you is for the sake of your convenience and informational purpose and not to endorse any service or product by hostcano.com and any of its associates.

User Content

In regards to the User Content”, it is completely your responsibility and not ours in any case or for the information, chat interaction and communication, photo, text, image, text, graphics, sound, music, videos, messages, or any other materials provided, posted, emailed, or uploaded made available to hostcano.com. By this you agree that you do not encourage, or assist, or engage others and including you in hosting, uploading, transmitting, displaying, updating, modifying, sharing, or publishing information:

  1. Which belongs to the other personal information and you may not have any rights to;
  2. That is obscene, harassing, harmful, defamatory, pornography, invasive of another privacy, pedophilic, hateful, obligatory, objectionable, racially objectionable, disparaging, gambling or encouraging any money laundering, unlawful or propaganda in any case, trolling or whatsoever;
  3. That does minority harm in any way;
  4. That breaches any copyrights, patent, trademark, infringement, or any proprietary rights;
  5. Which disobey any law from the time being in force;
  6. Which imitates to be another person;
  7. Which contains malicious software or any such software viruses or obtaining any other computer files, code, destroying or limiting of any computer resources, or programs that are designed for such interruption;
  8. That makes communication of any information which is grossly menacing and offensive which misleads the addressee about the origin of any such messages;
  9. That threatens the sovereignty of any country along with the defense, unity, integrity, or security, other foreign states relations, or is insulting any other nation, or public order or prevents any offense related investigation, or causing commission of any cognizable offense-oriented incitement;

hostcano.com does not stay responsible for evaluating or examining User Content OR any liability and nor does we have any responsibility for the User Content. We aren’t controlling or endorsing the User Content posted or transmitted or provided on this Site and hence quality, assurance, accuracy, and integrity of the User Content are not guaranteed by hostcano.com. You may be exposed to User Content that is objectionable, indecent, and offensive to you and you understand the same by using this Site.

No kind of damage or loss of the User Content will be covered that is uploaded, posted, emailed, transmitted, submitted available via this site including without limitation any omission or errors in any User Content or whatsoever, HostCano will not be liable or responsible for any user Content. You also provide hostcano.com all rights to waive any claims against hostcano.com for any actual or alleged infringement of any publicity and privacy, proprietary rights, rights of attribution, and moral rights in connection to the User Content.

If you require to delete your User Content on our Site, please contact us via email by adding your first name, last name, username or screen name, email address, and phone number provided to hostcano.com at the time of your account registration on our Site as a mandatory process. In case you are not able to provide us such information, we may not be able to proceed with your deletion request. After following all the steps you need to wait for at least 30 business days to process your deletion request.


Hostcano.com intent to provide the correct price and product information though errors may occur.

Unless you make the purchase order, hostcano.com may not confirm the legit purchase of our services/products. Due to the technical error, if any services or product price or services/product information is listed with the incorrect information for purpose of (Returns, Refund, Cancellation), hostcano.com has the right to cancel or to refuse any order placed to you.

In an incident, if an item, product, or service is incorrectly priced, hostcano.com may at its sole discretion cancel your purchase of our services or order and may contact or notify you of any such cancellation and hence hostcano.com will have all the rights to modify, amend, and update the price of such products/services and contact you for further instructions through call or email provided by you at the time of registration and that the payment done by you shall be debited to your Debit/Credit card account and you will be duly notified for your processed payment. In any case, after the payment has been processed, if we have to cancel the order of your purchased services from us, then the amount processed will be reversed to your debit/credit card account.

Policy agreement is mandatorily required to be accepted before the purchase

Here are the terms that HostCano strictly restricts to its users before the purchase of any of the services and products of HostCano.

  • HostCano reserves the complete rights to terminate your account in any case at any time without any stating of refund as the reasons of terminations are not limited to any.
  • We reserve the rights for terminating your account for services such as illegal drugs, obscene materials, fraudulent sites, IP Scanners, Bruteforce programs, gambling, or/and things that breach our policies in whatsoever case.

Cancellation and Refunds

Our Cancellation and refund policy shall be only considered if you have opted for a refund before 15 days from the date you have purchased HostCano services/products. Further, you shall be only eligible for the cancellation and refund if your cancellation request falls under the below-mentioned guidelines else HostCano has the complete rights reserved to reject your cancellation and refund request.

Before the cancellation of HostCano services request thorough the submit ticket option or thorough HostCano legit email address, your cancellation of any HostCano services will be taken into consideration under HostCano QC (Quality Check) for the usage of HostCano services whether or not your usage of HostCano services falls into our cancellation and refund criteria and thereby only if the HostCano team and authority approves your cancellation and refund, you will be eligible to get your refund else the refund will not be taken into consideration if HostCano team or higher authority rejects your refund.

PayPal or Other Third-Party Subscription Refund

Any of the HostCano services cancellations will not cover the charges or fees by PayPal or any other third-party payment gateway setup fees/charges that are charged with HostCano services.

Termination of HostCano Services

We hold the complete rights to terminate your access to our HostCano services entirely or in parts without any prior notice in case you (i) you are not able to pay fees or your payment is due; (ii) You breach this agreement; (iii) In any case if your conduct may violate HostCano or others to incur liability, as decided by us in our sole discretion. HostCano possesses the rights to charge you all fees dues for our services and if you are not able to fulfill the same, then we can directly act upon for the TERMINATION OF THE SERVICES REGARDLESS OF ANY REASON FURTHER FOR THE DELETION OF YOUR USER CONTENT, DATA, USER WEBSITES, AND ANY OTHER DATA MAY BE COMPLETELY DELETED.

Force Majeure

In the occurrence of any direct or indirect forces, or by the acts of God, flood, fire, labor disputes, including acts of war or terrorism, or interruption of transport or supply shortages, or failure of the third party to work accordingly, HostCano or any of our company team members will not be liable for any defaults or delay and will not be under any obligations as per this agreement and you agree upon it entirely without any relative concerns.

Data Backup and Storage Services Agreement

This is a legal agreement that is accepted by you, either as an individual or an entity where you agree upon the responsibilities of your data files, website files, email data, and other databases to keep it at your own risk through our or any of our expressed third-party respondent servers.

Even though we perform maintenance over time, you may still need to safeguard your entire databases that are stored on our hosting platform to your local storage. Failing to do so will be your responsibility for any data loss due to crashes, vulnerabilities, server downtime, or anything else and you understand and agree with the same. Even with your request, any of the illegal or unsolicited materials data backup will not be taken into consideration from HostCano and may further lead to the complete termination of your account.


Hereby, with this agreement of terms of HostCano services, you accept that we may necessarily or unnecessarily suspend all your opted/purchased services in regards to any of our maintenance, updates, repair, and modification anytime we want to and you do not hold any obligation of any kind or concerns. Furthermore, at any point in time, any of the invalid or unauthentic rDNS records may be permanently deleted and we hold the right to do the same at our sole discretion.

Delay in Payments

This Agreement is bind by the subject to its terms and conditions where any of your unpaid or pending amount for any of our services/products will lead to the complete termination of your HostCano account. Thereafter, HostCano will not anyhow stay responsible for any of your data loss or damages due to the termination of your unpaid account or otherwise. Hence, all your outstanding billing invoices are required to be paid fully to reactivate your services.

Free Domain Policy 

We are Not Allowed an Free Like .tk .ml and .ga as these are usually used for spam and other things that are not allowed on our network. So If You Buying Our Hosting Using These Domains and Ur Accounts are Getting Suspended By This Policy You Will Not Get Refunded By Hostcano Also If We Found Suspicious Domain Name Or The Domain Doesn’t Belongs to You and Random Words and Then .com You Provide to Attach an Domain This Will Also Leads to Suspend Your account and Money Will Be Not Refund to You !!