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How to Choose Best Web Hosting Services for your Business

Choose Best Web Hosting Services

Hosting is an essential part of any website. Choosing the right web hosting service provider for your website and plan can be challenging. You won’t find all hosts the same, so you must ensure you have all the required features.

Hostcano has a lot of experience in web hosting and knows the most important criteria. You’ll be able to launch your new website on the right track if you know what you want.

This article will take you through crucial criteria to choose the best web host service for your website.

Confirm the Subscription Period For Web Hosting Service Contracts

Many web hosting service companies offer flexible contract length options. There will be monthly and annual plans and discounts for multiple-year agreements.

billing cycle 3 years

You’ll need to consider how long you are willing to commit upfront. It’s a brilliant idea to test out new hosts for a few months to gain firsthand experience. You could save a lot if you are confident enough to sign up for the long term.

It’s a good idea to check the length of your contract and review any terms and conditions before you sign up for a plan. You may be able to switch between plans and lengths of contracts with some hosts, but you should always ask about any fees or penalties.

What Does Your Website Need with Web Hosting Service?

It’s a good idea to list all your needs before you start. You can then prioritize your needs by comparing what each potential host offers.

One should get your eye on a particular niche. You might want to consider storage and speed when building a website for photography. Some hosts offer Content Delivery Networks (CDN), options for sites with a lot of content.

E-commerce websites may prefer to concentrate on security and bandwidth. Some hosts even offer e-commerce plans. Don’t forget about how much support you may need.

The last thing you should consider is the content management system you would like to use on your website. WordPress holds over half the CMS market. Many web hosting companies offer specific WordPress-specific services.

Server Reliability and Uptime Guarantees

It would help if you also investigated the uptime guarantee offered by your potential host. It will affect how reliable the hosting service can be.

The website’s uptime is the time your site is available online. Your site should be available as often as possible. Your host should ensure that your website is always online.

Every web hosting service company may not define uptime in the same way. It is worth reviewing their policy to determine what your potential host company guarantees. Your host might consider your website “uptime” if there are many bottlenecks that slow down your site, even though it technically is still available.

Let’s take the example of Hostcano with its 99.99% Uptime Guarantee. Have a look at the image below:

99 percent Uptime

It might be worth asking about the host’s downtime policy. It’s not ideal to have your website down all the time if you want to build a following online. It’s a brilliant idea to check reviews about your host’s reliability to understand better what you are getting.

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Check the host’s refund policy and guarantees

Predicting what could happen when you begin building your website is impossible. It is essential to review the refund policy of any potential web host carefully. It’s important to choose between a host you don’t like or a site you do not like.

It is essential to know what the host guarantees and what it doesn’t. You might also want to review its uptime guarantee, as we mentioned earlier, and its terms of service documents.

It doesn’t matter if you are unhappy with your host or if you find that you no longer need a website; it is essential to be able to get a refund. Hostcano offers a variety of refund policies. They can vary depending on the hosting plan you select.

Make sure you know what the deadline is for a refund. Knowing how long you have before you can request a refund is essential.

Here’s the awesome refund policy of Hostcano.

money back guarantee

You can also check to see if there is a live status page that you can view.

Learn What Your Upgrade Options are

When you sign a contract, it is wise to read the fine print. It is doubly true for online services. It is crucial to ensure that you are not penalized for upgrading your hosting plan before you sign up.

You never know when your podcast or blog might become a viral sensation, so you will need to quickly scale up to give your site more space and resources. It is a great thing! But your hosting plan should be able to move with you and not hold you back.

Verify the Primary Features of the Host

There are many types of hosting. As we mentioned, there are many. You’ll be able to navigate this step more straightforwardly if you know what you want from your web host. While some hosts provide essential services, others offer specific features that will make your life easier.

You should be able quickly to determine if the service you require is available on the website of your hosting provider. You might have to search for this information on the host’s website.

advanced features

Another great way to find out if a web host can meet your needs is by reading reviews. Online reviews are often honest, and you should look for the essential features.

Review the available Add-On Products and Services

You might need to add more features once your website is live. It is worth looking into what your host offers regarding “extras” at this stage.

You can start small and build your website as you grow. However, it is crucial to ensure that you can add new functionality quickly without needing to move the entire site. You can choose features from a menu to create a plan that meets your needs. 

We’ll talk in detail about this wish list later. You might also be able to add storage or other resources to your base plan without changing it. It doesn’t matter what; knowing what is possible upfront can save you from unpleasant surprises later.

Verify any differences in sign-up prices vs. Renewal prices

You will often get discounts depending on how much you pay for your hosting plan. You may even be able to pay for multiple years to receive a more significant discount.

Many hosts offer renewal discounts. You should know the terms before signing up for a plan. Unexpected rate increases are not something you want. It is not unusual for initial discounts to disappear and lead to increased costs after a year or two of service.

create hostcano account

It’s a good thing that you can get discounts from hosts if your organization is a non-profit. These discounts can save a lot of money for any organization that needs a website to promote its mission.

Discover What Kind of Control Panel You’ll Have Access To

Hosting can often be the most technical part of running your site. A lot of hosts supply a user-friendly control panel or dashboard. The most typical control panel you’ll come across is called cPanel. Some hosts use a custom-made solution. In reality, that’s how the Hostcano cPanel runs.

cPanel hosting

Hostcano cPanel panel is easy to use and less complicated than a few user interfaces you may experience with other hosts because it’s not an offer that you’ll have a designer working on your site, having a look at demos or tours of the control panel before your agreement with a host can be precious. 

Gain a Firm Understanding of Any Account Limitations

Particularly if you’re developing a brand-new website, you may not understand what level of traffic you’ll experience. Because of that, we advise thoroughly examining whether or not your prospective hosting service will position any limits on your account. It implies you require to have a basic understanding of bandwidth. 

It is the term utilized to encompass the quantity of information and traffic flowing through your server. For instance, if you have a lot of videos housed on your server, you may consume a lot of bandwidth as numerous visitors see them when. Even when you stumble upon a host that provides free traffic, you still need to investigate its policies. Remember that small print we discussed prior? Often “unlimited” plans still have some constraints; you ought to be mindful of such things.

Make Sure You’ll Get the Support You Need

In addition to site backups and remediation services, it highlights the value of dedicated technical support. You might not require this level of service if you have in-house developers and tech staff. If not, nevertheless, comprehensive assistance from your hosting service can be indispensable. 

customer support

Many small companies do not have the resources or knowledge to handle unforeseen issues, attacks, etc. It’s essential to evaluate the consumer assistance alternatives each hosting supplier offers. These can often vary between specific strategies. Lower-level strategies tend to be more “hands-off” in support, while managed plans and more pricey choices often offer exceptional support. 

Evaluate the Host’s Server Responsiveness

Once you’ve put your selected host through its rates and worked down all the previous items, there’s one more critical element to consider. Rather than taking claims and reviews at stated value, you can check the host’s responsiveness on your own. 

It’s a bit simpler to check server action on a website you currently have up and running. If you’ve signed up for a strategy, you can utilize a tool like Pingdom to get an upfront idea of the efficiency you can expect. 

The majority of hosts provide a user-friendly control panel or control panel. Even when you encounter a host with unlimited traffic, you still need to research its policies. Reviewing the customer support choices each hosting provider deals with is crucial. If you understand a website hosted by the business you are interested in, you can also enter that URL into the Pingdom tool.


You can also enter that URL into Pingdom’s tool if you understand a site hosted by the company you are interested in using.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the information readily available through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tools

Google page speed insights

If possible, you might even wish to get access to a test account or register for a free trial and use that to conduct more testing. Hosting can sometimes be the most technical part of running your site.

Final Words

Finally, when you look at the outlined options given in this article, you will easily find the best solution to choose the web hosting service for your business in an effortless manner.


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