Our Cancellation and refund policy shall be only considered if you have opted for a refund before 15 days from the date you have purchased HostCano services/products. Further, you shall be only eligible for the cancellation and refund if your cancellation request falls under the below-mentioned guidelines else HostCano has the complete rights reserved to reject your cancellation and refund request.

Before the cancellation of HostCano services request thorough the submit ticket option or thorough HostCano legit email address, your cancellation of any HostCano services will be taken into consideration under HostCano QC (Quality Check) for the usage of HostCano services whether or not your usage of HostCano services falls into our cancellation and refund criteria and thereby only if the HostCano team and authority approves your cancellation and refund, you will be eligible to get your refund else the refund will not be taken into consideration if HostCano team or higher authority rejects your refund.

Your Cancellation and Refund Approved If Your Reason is Genuine Not Reason Valid Like ” I Don’t Like Services” and All and If You Don’t Place Our DNS Nameserver into Your Domain Provider If You Don’t Replace You Can’t Ask for an Refund If You Want to Refund Then Mention Proper Reason to Refund / Cancellation 

PayPal or Other Third-Party Subscription Refund

Any of the HostCano services cancellations will not cover the charges or fees by PayPal or any other third-party payment gateway setup fees/charges that are charged with HostCano services.


We are Not Allowed an Free Like .tk .ml and .ga as these are usually used for spam and other things that are not allowed on our network. So If You Buying Our Hosting Using These Domains and Ur Accounts are Getting Suspended By This Policy You Will Not Get Refunded By Hostcano Also If We Found Suspicious Domain Name Or The Domain Doesn’t Belongs to You and Random Words and Then .com You Provide to Attach an Domain This Will Also Leads to Suspend Your account and Money Will Be Not Refund to You !!